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A Message From God to You

“A Message From God to You”

Prophecy Given by Graham Cooke

(Dictated from Graham’s Sermon - New Day in Jesus at Bethel Cleveland)

I have loved you with an everlasting love and I’ve drawn you to My presence with loving kindness. You are now subject to the same passion that I have for My beloved Son. I placed you in Him so that I could treat you the same way that I do Him. He is the beloved and in Him you also are the beloved of God. Allow My pleasure in you to shape all your life responses.

It’s My love that generates your faith. It is My joy that provides the capacity to stand in adversity without fear and without anxiety. My majesty allows you to overcome. I Am is present to talk you into faith, into passion and into overcoming. My plan is to give you a majesty mindset. This is your high place in the Spirit. We are watching you with intense anticipation. We love that you are in Christ learning to become Christ-like. We have such a huge anticipation and expectation of who you are becoming in Us in this next time frame. We are all emphatically engaged with your story, in your journey, in Christ. So We give you permission to live in the place of greatest favor and to partake of Our fullness and abundance that We have set aside for you to inherit and inhabit in Him (Jesus).

Be as absorbed in this life as We are captivated by who you are becoming. We give you permission to be attentive to all that We are doing in you. We are your focus, your passion, your connection and We give you permission… and permission… and permission… and permission to enjoy, to rise up, to see, to become, to do in extraordinary ways things you’ve never done before. You are as We are in this life. Your new man has a primary focus on all the permissions of Jesus, as He is so are you in this world. All the promises that We give to you carry a wonderful ‘Yes and Amen”. You have a double portion of blessing and faith and favor as the least of your divine advantage. We really want you to become a multiplied person in the kingdom. So We are saying to you to come up here and take your place in Us and with Us.

Learn to have rest, to trust, to be thankful in all that We have for you. We love faithfulness and therefore We require that you trust Our Word above all other things. We are training you in the art of anticipation. So that you may understand who you are in fullness. We are going to use all your life circumstances to train you, to develop you, to upgrade you, to promote you, to bring you to a place in Christ, in the Kingdom that you’ve never experienced before. We declare to you that in Christ you are not bound to this world but instead you are released to the majesty of the Kingdom.

We give you permission to expect the greatness of God to become your new normal. In return We ask one thing, trust in Our faithfulness to you and hold fast to the confession of faith that We give you in every circumstance, because that confession will empower you to see, think and speak even as We do. And you will become like Us as you become empowered to live in the new man. You will anticipate with pleasure all that the future holds. You will have a favorable expectation in all situations to look at every circumstance through the eyes of Our majesty, that the renewal of your mind would transform every event into a Kingdom situation.

Know that you are now subject to a Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. Truths so powerful that nothing can stand against them , that Jesus would indeed become your Way, your Truth and your Life. There is no accusation or shame that could separate you from the brightness of Our love. Instead there is a confident boldness growing in you that will release the power of Our fellowship when you need it the most. You are in Us and We remain as unchanging as ever. We are your everlasting sameness and truth. No matter how well you are doing, no matter how badly you are doing, We will be exactly the same so that We will be exactly what you need regardless of circumstances and regardless of how well you are doing. We remain faithful to you. But now it’s your turn to practice that same faithfulness with Us and you do that by not being anxious and not being fearful, not being worried, not being downhearted because you are in Us now and We are always joyful. We are always happy. Every word that We speak to you is so that Our joy may be in you and your joy may be full. We are bold. We are utterly confident and We speak with joyful assurance. We are not double minded.

Everything in Christ is “Yes and Amen”. You have a green light until We turn it red. So don’t ask us, “Is this time?” We are going to be saying, “Yes it is time”. Why? Because right now you are behind the time of your own development. So you're catching up. So We are going to say “Yes” to the time thing for now is the day, now is the accepted time. It’s yes and amen. You have a green light and you need to run. We give you permission to have an ongoing encounter with Us rooted in Christ that will bring you into a powerful encounter with Our permission. We are ahead of you in all the things that you face. We’ve gone out before you. We know the territory that you’re facing out there and We are out there right now and next to every problem out there We are placing provisions. So by the time you get here you’ll already be ready to receive something.

So in your current situations right now We declare to you there are provisions right now where you are and you need to see them. You need to ask us “what is here?” What have You already done about this? What is already present? Thank You for this problem. What is the possibility that is present? And We want you to know that there will never be a problem without a possibility being right next to it. You will never have a problem without a provision being here. Every problem comes with a provision. And We are going to help you to see it, take hold of it, use it and become it. Why? Because this is the Kingdom. We are not asking you to live in the world spiritually. We’re asking you to be in the world but not of it. We’re asking you to be of the Kingdom. And if the world is playing baseball the Kingdom is playing football. Someone is going to get hurt. Jesus is tougher than hell. And your anticipation is designed to make you strong, make you powerful in the way you see, the way you think, the way you talk, the way you act, the way you stand, what you believe is more powerful. Our intention is to make you powerful through your relationship with Us. We want you to have a powerful encounter with Our permission. We will withhold nothing from you as you delight in practicing life in Us, which We’ve already bestowed upon you to make you in Our image. Our intention is that you should possess life in the same manner as We do.

So beloved We are calling you to rise up, to stand up. We declare to you the past is the past. This is a new day and in a new day everything becomes new. You are going to lay down your old failings, your own misapprehensions, misunderstanding, you're going to lay down the unbelief that you’ve had that you demonstrated by not coming to Us; and and you’re no longer going to endure situations. You’re going to learn how to enjoy them because we set you on a path of discovery and in every situation and in every circumstance, in every relationship there’s going to be a fight waiting for you.

Because there are unclaimed upgrades We want you to know that heaven is not a storage facility. These things need to come down because if these upgrades come down into your life everyone in your life comes under the favor and the blessing and the abundance of Heaven. Your family, your friends, those around you need to see you blessed so that they too can have hope and expectations in Us. And we hope that you will enter into a partnership with Us that will make you dynamic in a way that you never have been before in your whole life. There is so much here for you. Do you know what else is here? No excuses. You have the promise of the utmost blessing as you strengthen your relationship in Christ in you. We stand ready when you are, says the Lord, amen.

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