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Testimony of the Month-Ali's Journey to Grace

My name is Alison Waugh and I am 38 years old. I was born in England but I can’t say I have a cool accent because I didn’t live there very long. I grew up, from the start of my 1st grade year, in Warner Robins, GA. My dad was in the Airforce and retired as a Colonel. My mom was an elementary school P.E. teacher and was actually my teacher for the years I was there. I have one older brother, Keith. This is my story of not knowing who I was and becoming the woman God always intended me to be. I pray that it helps you see that freedom can be yours too!

In high school I began to seek acceptance no matter what the cost. I knew right from wrong; but I wanted to be ‘cool’ and fit in so bad that I began smoking cigarettes and drinking. This escalated more and more until I was 17 and I began to experiment with other drugs. My experimenting led me to a party where everyone was doing this new drug Ecstasy. I took it for the first time that night and some xanax and ended up getting raped. I felt so used and rejected after this happened and I didn’t know who to talk to. I just kept going downhill and became even more rebellious and promiscuous. My parents ended up sending me to my first program and I was introduced into AA and NA. This is where I began to find my identity in being an addict and an alcoholic...what a bleak and depressing view of life at the age of 17.

Before I was 21 I ended up getting 2 DUIS back to back and sent to another secular program where I learned more about Ali the alcoholic and the addict. I learned all about the “Big Book” but never about the Bible and Jesus. I was told I would always be an alcoholic and an addict and it would never go away. I remember going to meetings and looking around and asking myself is this really what my life is going to be? There was so much anger, confusion and sadness in my heart that I could not see any hope for myself. The downward spiral continued on into my twenties and thirties. I began going to bars every night using cocaine and then was introduced to meth. This brought my addiction to a whole new level of absolute despair and darkness. I started shooting up and using Xanax to come down. I ended up getting in a relationship with a meth dealer and stayed with him for over 4 years. He was very abusive and almost killed me two different times. I got arrested, I don’t even know how many times, and jumped from relationship to relationship always seeking love and acceptance in all the wrong places. My parents tried to help me time and time again and send me to this program and that program but nothing ever seemed to work for me. Little did I know it wasn’t the drugs and the alcohol that were the problem, I needed Jesus.

My final relapse brought me to exactly where I needed to be. I was in Cochran, GA. and had been up all night, up to no good. The next day I was driving home to Warner Robins when I took a left turn instead of a right and ended up lost in Eastman. While I was looking around trying to see where I was, I hit a curb, got a flat tire, which led to the police coming to help me on the side of the road. I really didn’t look at it as help at the time but God knew exactly what He was doing! The police arrested me and I ended up in Dodge County Jail with a possession of meth, DUI and a violation of probation for Houston County. I knew I was facing prison and at this point I had just given up. Why couldn’t I just get myself together and keep it together? I remember asking myself over and over. BUT GOD ordered my steps to this jail!!!

Mrs. Denise came in and told her testimony and talked about the Refuge House. I saw a bright shining light in her that I desired more than anything I ever wanted. She talked to me and told me that my problem was not alcohol and drugs, I needed Jesus. He can deliver me. So I started reading my Bible and seeking the Lord with all of my heart and guess what…I found Him; and He came into my heart and I fell head over heels in love with Him! I wanted to go to this Refuge House! I don’t know how many times I prayed this over the period of 10 months being in jail for God to make a way! It seemed pretty hopeless at times when there was delay after delay. But God’s timing is perfect and during those 10 months of waiting I led bible studies in jail and got to know my Father in Heaven who is in control of ALL things! Even the court and judges!!!

When I finally went to court December 20, 2019 the DA was saying I was going to prison. I had violated my probation for the third time and I had new charges. Everything the DA said was true and it seemed that the judge was agreeing until he said, ‘‘Nevertheless I will allow you to go to this Refuge House!’’ God is a way maker even when it seems like there is no way! He is a God that is for us! He is a God that is with us! He is a God that never leaves us! I have been at Refuge House for over a year now and have recently been given the privilege and opportunity to be a leader here at the ministry. I have a strong relationship with Jesus who is the Lord of my life; and I love God with all of my heart all of my soul and all of my strength. I have restoration with my family. After ten years of no communication with the adopted parents of my daughter Hannah, I am now writing them back and forth and getting pictures every month. I got my license back and a new car here recently. ‘‘Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.’’ (Matthew 6:33) Even the hard things. Because nothing is too hard for God!!!

I never thought my life could be this good and it is all because of Jesus. He is the reason. He is my purpose! My purpose is to have a relationship with Him and share Him with others! You know I used to get up and speak and tell my story starting out with, ‘‘ My name is Ali and I am an alcoholic and an addict.’’ Today, I say my name is Ali and I am forgiven and I have been delivered from alcohol and drugs and guilt and shame. Because Jesus died for me on the cross and rose again I am ALIVE and raised with Him because I have put my faith in Him. Not by works but by grace have I been saved! (Romans 11:6)

Thank you God for choosing me and bringing me out of darkness into your marvelous light! I have been set free! I am a daughter of the one true King! Thank you so much for your time and opening your heart to hear my story. I pray in the name of Jesus you know that where there is breath there is hope and “God is no respecter of persons.” (Acts 10:34) What He has done for me He can do for you. Just put your faith in Jesus and take up your cross and follow Him. He is mighty and powerful and He is always in control and He is above it all! Satan tried his best to take me out but God’s plans for me were not to be destroyed but to give me life, abundant life! What blessings He has in store for His children! He is a good, good Father and He just wants the best for us! I pray that anyone who reads this will come to realize and know the love God has for you! Get to know God and you will begin to trust Him and know that you were created for a relationship with Him! This is His greatest longing and desire! To know and spend time with you!

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