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Focus on Me not the Wasteland

01-17-2023 Vision with Jesus and His message.

This reads as a conversation with myself and Jesus.

What are we doing together today, Jesus?

I’m taking you to a desert wasteland.

What are we doing here Lord?

Here there is only Me. I’m your drink, your substance, your complete source for all things

because everything else has been removed. Here is where you realize what truly matters.

When I first look out over this place it feels so empty, void, and barren. I feel helpless, lost, and almost without hope.

Yes, it’s because you are looking around and not towards Me.

Why are You behind me then? I can only see Your hand on my shoulder. I am aware of Your presence, but it’s hard to see You when You’re behind me and the wasteland is what is in my view.

Shift your focus! You must make that choice; I won’t do it for you.

(I then see me reaching up to take Jesus' hand and then I quickly turned and

buried my face in His chest. Now I see nothing. I can just feel His embrace. Everything else has

melted away. I just want to stay here forever, wrapped in His arms.)

Hold me tighter Jesus. Don’t ever let me pull away.

(Scene shifts and I see us now walking hand in hand, side by side, staring at each other’s faces, like two lovers would do while strolling in the park. I don’t even notice the wasteland anymore. Just His loving gaze.)

What’s the practical application of this vision Jesus?

I AM always with My people. My hand is on their life. But they must choose to take their gaze from this world and come to My arms in a deeper embrace. It’s only from this place of intimacy that we can walk hand in hand through the wasteland. When your eyes are fixed on My gaze nothing else matters. You can go through anything with Me. But when your eyes are looking around you get lost in the world. Fix your eyes on Me!

'Looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God." Hebrews 12:2

Jesus endured the cross because the focus was on the joy of what the cross would provide. A personal love relationship with His people. Oneness with the Father! Jesus is our great example. It is now our turn to look through our “cross” to the joy we have of our personal love relationship with Jesus. Oneness with the Father. It works both directions. Our fixed focus and our love response towards God’s love for us carries us through anything!

– Love. It’s always Love!

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