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Good Father

01-16-2023 The Lord gave me this message. It's contents I believe are for all of His children. I wanted to take this private moment with Him and share it with you. He is such a good, good Father.

My darling daughter, what good Father gives instructions to their child for a new thing, without first walking along side showing them step by step what it looks like, even guiding their hand along the way? I AM better than any Father here on earth. I never leave, I never forsake, and I’m patiently working ALL things out step by step, bit by bit. My way is easy when you don’t fight my hand.

He gave me a vision of a Father and daughter working in a wood shop together. He was standing behind a small child. His left hand was on the child’s left hand helping to hold a piece of wood down, and His right hand was on the child’s right hand helping to guide some sort of tool. It was either grinding, etching, or cutting the wood skillfully. I just knew if there was any resistance in any way it would get off track. But, as long as the child relaxes and willingly lets Him guide their hand it would be perfectly precise.

I then heard Jesus say to me, "My tasks are light and not burdensome when I’m the one leading, guiding, and helping you.

He then gave me a vision of the same Father picking up the child. The childing was holding the wood project and needed to get it to a shelf that was high out of reach. He lifted both child and project and carried them both up to the shelf and they put it in the intended location together.

I then heard Him say, "I’m always your helper. You never stop needing me and I never stop wanting you. We are forever woven together for we ARE one. You are my prized possession, the apple of my eye, the pearl of great price! Come away with me on this adventure called life and see all the great and wonderful things we will do TOGETHER – You are my love and I AM yours.

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