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Jesus is Above it All

I was looking back through my 2 way journals with the Lord and I re-discovered this entry from July 12, 2022 and I believe that this is not just for me but for everyone who reads it.

Please take courage and know that there is only victory for all who are in Jesus.

The entry begins with this vision:

Jesus and I are sitting on the edge of a cliff and he is as the Lion of Judah. We are looking over a vast landscape to the horizon. I'm sitting next to him pressing in, holding on to him.

This is Jesus speaking:

Beyond the eye can see, all is mine, and all is yours. No limits, no boundaries, just territories. This place is so limited and small compared to all of eternity and beyond the need for time or measurements. Where I live is beyond it all, therefore I can see it all. I am above it all. I have no need for it but to teach you how to dwell in me through it all. How can I teach you about me if I do not set building blocks up for you? You would not know drought if you did not know rain. You would not know love if not for lack thereof. You would not know sin if there was no law. Are you following me? You would not know blessings if there was no trial to be blessed through. I am the one that brings you through it all to teach you that I am all you need. I am building you up for a time beyond your ability at this moment to comprehend. Trust that I am with you and that I am guiding you through it all. All brokenness is healed within you, but what you choose to do with that healing is up to you. Do you stay on the "mat"? Or do you get up and walk it out. I call you to get up and walk in victory. Defeat is not a word I teach, for there is no defeat in me. Do you see what I am saying? I am above it all, so I can see it all. Ask and it will be given, believe and it is yours, not worldly desires but the Father's will for your life. Victory lies in Truth, reigning in and through you. Victory comes when you do not doubt me or my Word, and promises. Victory comes when you walk in faith fully relying on me and not the things of the past. If I can create worlds with a word, how then can broken things not be healed with my words? Speak my words to the brokenness and see life and healing and renewing begin. My words create better than before. My word is life, an abundance of life. There are no halfways or almosts with me. Don't doubt, don't fear, don't worry. Trust me. Fear and respect me. Have full faith and reliance in me and me alone. Allow my truth and word to flow through you, cleansing your very soul and removing all the junk out so that I, my Spirit, can fully consume you. Day-by-day it is getting easier. I have patience but time is slipping by for you. Be ready for the day of need is coming and the oil must be lit. You are ready just keep pressing in and through. I am with you always.


I declare that the Word of God produces fruit, it will accomplish its goal and prosper in my life. I am one with Jesus. He is victorious therefore I am victorious. His Spirit leads and guides me all the days of my life. Holy Spirit is Lord in my life and my lamp will stay burning. I declare that I will keep pressing into Jesus and through the trials till my race is won.


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